Detachol® Adhesive Remover with Dispenser Cap, 2 oz


Detachol® Adhesive Remover facilitates painless removal of dressings, tapes, and sticky residue. It reduces the risk of Medical Adhesive-Related Skin Injury, ensuring patient comfort. The alcohol/acetone-free formula is non-irritating, preserving skin health. Compatible with chlorhexidine gluconate, it quickly and completely removes adhesive, saving healthcare professionals valuable time.


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Detachol® is a non-irritating adhesive remover used to aid in the removal of dressings, tapes and most sticky residue from the skin.


  • Reduces risk of Medical Adhesive-Related Skin Injury
  • Reduces patient pain and discomfort
  • Completely removes adhesive residue, which may harbor bacteria
  • Quickly and easily removes adhesive to save healthcare professional time
  • Non-irritating, alcohol/acetone-free formulation does not irritate or dry the skin
  • Compatible with chlorahexidine gluconate


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