Isagel® No-Rinse Instant Hand Sanitizing Gel, 21 fl oz


Coloplast’s Isagel Hand Sanitizer, in a 21 oz. pump bottle, is your instant, rinse-free solution for clean hands. With 60% ethyl alcohol, it effectively kills germs, yet its added moisturizers keep your hands soft. Compatible with CHG and latex gloves, it’s a trusted choice for hand hygiene.


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Introducing Isagel Hand Sanitizer in a convenient 21 oz. bottle, brought to you by Coloplast, a trusted name in healthcare products. Isagel is your reliable partner in maintaining hand hygiene, and here’s why:

Key Features:

  • Ethyl Alcohol Gel: Isagel Hand Sanitizer contains ethyl alcohol as its active ingredient, ensuring effective germ-killing power.
  • Convenient Pump Bottle: The pump bottle design makes application quick and easy, ensuring you can sanitize your hands without any hassle.
  • Alcohol Scent: Isagel features a subtle alcohol scent that reassures you of its germ-fighting potency.
  • 60% Resistance: This hand sanitizer offers 60% alcohol resistance, providing robust protection against a wide range of pathogens.
  • Added Moisturizers: Isagel’s formula includes moisturizers, ensuring that your hands stay soft and hydrated, even with frequent use.
  • Compatible with CHG and Latex Gloves: It’s essential to have a hand sanitizer that won’t compromise the efficacy of Chlorhexidine Gluconate (CHG) or latex gloves. Isagel is designed to be compatible with both.
  • Instant Rinse-Free: With Isagel, you can sanitize your hands without water, making it perfect for on-the-go use.
  • Manufactured by Coloplast: Trust in the Coloplast name, known for its commitment to quality and excellence in healthcare products.

Isagel Hand Sanitizer is sold individually and is your go-to solution for effective hand hygiene. Keep your hands clean, germ-free, and well-moisturized with Isagel, the trusted choice in healthcare settings.


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