Collagen Dressing 2×2 (5 ct.)

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Collagen dressing 2×2 (5 ct.)
NM5050COL | HCPCS code: A6021

Collagen Is One Of The Most Abundant Proteins Found In Our Skin. Our Made In The U.S.A. Collagen Dressings Encourage Healing By Promoting The Creation Of New Connective Tissue. 

Collagen Dressings Are Non-Adhesive With Medium Absorption. If Using On A Dry Surface, Excellent Results Are Often Achieved By Hydrating The Pad With Saline.  

For Larger Or Oddly Shaped Areas, Consider Tying Collagen Particles. 

What you get:

  • One box of 5 individually wrapped sterile 2″x2″ Collagen Dressings



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Collagen dressing 2×2 inch (5 ct.)
NM5050COL | HCPCS code: A6021


Collagen Dressings encourage natural healing by donating collagen fibers that are essential for wound closure. They also have medium absorption and help maintain an ideal healing environment. These advanced wound care dressings can stay in place for several days, removing dead tissue and stimulating the growth of healthy tissue while controlling exudate.


What is a Collagen Dressing?

Collagen is an essential protein that plays a major role in the healing process. In order to heal injured tissue and form new connective tissue, the body requires increased levels of collagen synthesis.

Collagen dressings promote wound healing by donating this key protein at the surface of the wound and stimulating the production of new collagen fibers and granulation tissue.

Collagen wound dressings also help to remove nonviable tissue and support new blood vessels formed during the healing process. In the final stages of wound healing, collagen dressings facilitate repair (epithelialization) across the surface of the wound while supporting and strengthening this new tissue.

Collagen dressings are non-adherent to the wound bed, which reduces trauma and pain upon removal and makes dressing changes simple.


Our Collagen Dressings contain type 1 collagen derived from 100% bovine (cattle) collagen membrane. In addition to encouraging natural growth and healing, these dressings help to maintain a moist healing environment by absorbing excess drainage.



Uses for Collagen Dressings

  • wounds with minimal to heavy drainage
  • partial and full thickness wounds
  • surgical wounds & skin graft/donor sites
  • wounds with red, granulation tissue or with nonviable (necrotic) tissue
  • pressure ulcers
  • venous stasis & arterial ulcers
  • diabetic ulcers
  • traumatic wounds such as abrasions, skin tears, & minor burns
  • wounds with tunneling
  • chronic, non-healing wounds


Considerations for Collagen Dressings

  • not indicated for 3rd degree burns or wounds with large amounts of dry, nonviable tissue (eschar)
  • derived from bovine tissue – not for use in patients with bovine (cattle) allergy/sensitivity



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