Calcium Alginate with Silver 4×5 (10 ct.)

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Calcium Alginate with Silver 4×5 (10 ct.)
NM1012SAD | HCPCS: A6197

Calcium Alginate With Silver Combines The Absorbent Benefits Of Calcium Alginate With The Antibacterial Properties Of Silver!

Calcium Alginate Dressings are super absorbent dressings that absorb excess wound drainage keeping the healing surface at a moisture level that is optimal for healing, while the silver ions inhibit bacterial growth. 

These dressings are often use when wounds appear to be infected or have an odor indicating high bacterial load on the wound surface.

Calcium Alginate Dressings are often used in the management of venous ulcers as they tend to have high drainage and calcium alginate is very absorbent. Sliver containing dressings are often preferred for diabetic wounds and surgical wounds for extra protection against infection. 

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What you get:

  • One box of 10 individually wrapped 4″x5″  Calcium Alginate with Silver dressings




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Calcium Alginate with Silver 4×5 (10 ct.)
NM1012SAD | HCPCS: A6197


Calcium alginate with silver combines the absorbent benefits of calcium alginate with the antibacterial properties of silver. These dressings are often used on wounds at risk for infection or with suspected bacterial load. 

Calcium Alginate dressings are super absorbent dressings that promote moisture balance, keep wounds clean, and facilitate natural healing. These dressings are easy to apply and an excellent choice for many wound types.


What is a Calcium Alginate Dressing?

Calcium alginate dressings are non-woven, absorbent dressings made from seaweed. These dressings can hold up to 20 times their weight and are ideal for wounds with moderate to large amounts of drainage.

When the calcium and sodium fibers come into contact with wound drainage, the dressing transforms into a gel consistency that conforms to the shape of the wound bed. This action promotes wound healing by filling “dead space” within the wound and maintaining a moist environment that is optimal for healing.

Calcium Alginate dressings are non-occlusive and non-adherent, allowing for gas and heat exchange at the wound surface while also minimizing trauma and discomfort with dressing changes.



Advantages of Calcium Alginate Dressings

  • Super Absorbent
  • Protects healing tissue
  • Maintain moist environment for natural healing
  • Non stick and easy to remove
  • Can help stop bleeding
  • Can be used with many other dressings (hydrogel, honey, collagen)



How to Apply Calcium Alginate Dressings

  • Clean with wound cleanser or saline and pat dry
  • Cut dressing to size of the wound bed
  • Place Calcium Alginate directly on the wound bed or on top of gel, honey, hydrogel or other dressing.
  • Cover & secure with adhesive dressing or wrap
  • Typical dressing change every 1-3 days or when soiled


When Should Calcium Alginate Dressings Be Used?

  • Venous Stasis Ulcers
  • Diabetic Wounds
  • Pressure injuries and ulcers
  • Deep wounds
  • Infected wounds
  • Wounds with irregular shape
  • Traumatic wounds and skin tears
  • Surgical wounds
  • Almost any wound with drainage!


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