Hydrogel Dressing 4×4 (12 ct.)

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Hydrogel Dressing 4×4 (12 ct.)
NM1010HG | HCPCS: A6242

Hydrogel Dressings Have Both Professional And At Home Uses. 

Hydrogel Sheets Are Often Applied Directly To Dry, Burned, Irritated, Scratched, Or Raw Skin. Some Examples Of Everyday Uses Are Scald Burns, Eczema, Abrasions, Psoriasis, Radiation And Sun Burned Skin. 

The High Water Content In Hydrogel Dressings Creates A Cooling Sensation That Reduces Discomfort.

Hydrogel Feels Cool!

What You Get:

  • One Box Of 12 Individually Wrapped Sterile 4″x4″ Hydrogel Dressings.


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Hydrogel Dressing 4×4 (12 ct.)
NM1010HG | HCPCS: A6242


Hydrogel Dressings reduce discomfort in painful wounds and are often used for burns as they have a cooling sensation on contact. Hydrogel sheets are often applied directly to sooth dry, burned, irritated, or scraped skin.

Some Common Home Uses Of Hydrogel Sheets:

  • Scald Burns
  • Eczema
  • Abrasions
  • Xerosis (dry skin)
  • Psoriasis
  • Radiation burned skin
  • Sunburns


Hydrogel In Advanced Wound Care

Hydrogel is also used by wound care professionals in medical settings to hydrate dry dead tissue prior to ease its removal.





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