Collagen Particles 1g (5 pk.)


Collagen Particles 1g Packets (5 ct.)
B-NM10COLP | HCPCS code: A6010

Our NuMed Collagen Particles (also known as Collagen Powder) are one of the best kept secrets of wound care professionals! 

NuMed Collagen particles can be spread generously over nearly any wound and covered with a protective dressing. Collagen powder is extremely versatile and can be combined with hydrogel, medical honey, or Santyl for additional healing benefits of collagen. 

Collagen particles are an excellent choice for wounds with surrounding moisture associated skin damage (MASD). 

What you get:

  • 5 individual packets with 1g of collagen particles (powder) in each




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Collagen Particles 1 Gram Packets (5 ct.)
B-NM10COLP | HCPCS code: A6010


How to apply Collagen Particles 

NuMed Collagen particles (or powder) are often applied directly to the wound bed to stimulate healing. Collagen particles are have medium absorption and are often used in combination with other dressings.


  • Collagen particles are typically applied directly to the wound bed then covered with a secondary dressing such as a Silicone Absorbent dressing.
  • Collagen particles are also often used in combination with Calcium Alginate for extra absorption.
  • Collagen particles can be used in combination with Hydrogel dressings or Hydrocolloid dressings for additional healing stimulation.
  • Particles may be sprinkled onto the wound bed; particles may also be applied onto the dressing surface that comes into contact with the wound.


Collagen is an essential protein that plays a major role in the healing process. In order to heal injured tissue and form new connective tissue, the body requires increased levels of collagen synthesis.

Our Collagen Particles are made of type 1 collagen derived from 100% bovine (cattle) collagen membrane. In addition to encouraging natural growth and healing, these dressings help to maintain a moist healing environment while absorbing excess drainage.


Advantages of Collagen Particles

  • Use exactly how much you need
  • Excellent for use in odd shaped wounds
  • absorb minimal to large amounts of drainage
  • promote deposition and organization of collagen fibers and healthy granulation tissue
  • appropriate for necrotic, and non-healing wounds
  • conform to base of wound bed
  • may be hydrated for dry or minimally draining wounds


Considerations for Collagen Dressings

  • not indicated for 3rd degree burns or wounds with large amounts of dry, nonviable tissue (eschar)
  • derived from bovine tissue – not for use in patients with bovine (cattle) allergy/sensitivity


Weight: 0.7 oz


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