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How to Use Silicone Composite Dressings

Silicone composite dressings combine a flexible, non-adherent, absorbent pad with a gentle adhesive border. These advanced wound care dressings can be applied directly to the wound bed as a primary dressing or as a secondary dressing to cover and secure.

What is a Silicone Composite Dressing?

Silicone composite dressings feature several layers that protect the wound from contaminants, absorb drainage, and allow gas exchange across the surface of the wound, while preventing water from entering.

Silicone Composite Dressing Layers

These versatile dressings are easy to apply and non-medicated, so they can be used to secure virtually any primary dressing.

Silicone composite dressings are also a great choice for post-operative wounds, due to the built-in hypoallergenic contact layer that protects sutures and fragile healing tissue, reducing trauma or pain with dressing changes.

Advantages of Silicone Composite Dressings

  • quick and easy application
  • reduce risk of infection by absorbing debris and allowing for easy visualization of wound
  • flexible and comfortable
  • promote moist environment for natural healing (autolytic debridement)
  • absorb moderate to large amounts of drainage
  • reduce trauma and pain with dressing changes
  • semi-permeable, allow water vapor to escape, but block water/contaminants from entering
  • compatible with any primary dressings

How to Apply Silicone Composite Dressings

Uses for Silicone Composite Dressings

  • wounds with moderate to large amounts of drainage
  • partial and full thickness wounds
  • surgical and dehisced wounds
  • venous stasis ulcers
  • pressure ulcers
  • wounds with red granulation tissue or nonviable (necrotic) tissue

Considerations for Silicone Composite Dressings

  • require intact skin around wound in order to anchor adhesive border
  • should not be not cut, integrity of dressing must remain intact to function optimally
  • may moisten adhesive edges of dressing to ease removal

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