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The Truth About Collagen Dressings

Collagen is an essential component for effective wound healing. In fact, collagen is the main protein that makes up the skin and other connective tissues in the body.

So, it’s no surprise that topical collagen dressings can be a powerful way to boost the body’s natural healing process. These advanced wound care dressings donate collagen fibers directly to the wound site where they can be used to rebuild healthy, strong tissue.

How Collagen Dressings Boost Healing

The Type I collagen found in these dressings mimics the body’s natural collagen and assists with the formation of a strong collagen matrix. In addition to providing extra collagen at the wound surface, these specialized dressings boast several other unique wound healing benefits:

  • Boost natural collagen synthesis by attracting collagen-producing fibroblasts to the wound site
  • Promote wound closure by increasing the production of both granulation and epithelialization tissues
  • Assist the body to clear out of dead tissues from the wound bed
  • Support the formation of new blood vessels to bring oxygen and nutrients to the wound site
  • Absorb moderate levels of wound drainage to maintain an optimal moisture balance at the wound surface
  • Can be left in place for several days, resulting in less frequent dressing changes compared to many other options
Collagen Fibers

Collagen dressings are also entirely bioabsorbable. This means that their material is broken down by enzymes in wound fluid and absorbed by the body, so there’s no need for vigorous cleansing or removal of the previously applied dressing. As a result, there is less pain and trauma when it comes time to apply a new bandage.

Particle vs. Sheet Dressings

Collagen comes in different forms, such as sheet and particle dressings. Both forms require a secondary dressing to adhere to the surrounding skin and hold the collagen in place. Secondary dressings include options such as silicone absorbentfoam, or hydrocolloid dressings.

Collagen particles come in a powder-like consistency and are usually applied directly to the wound surface. However, these particles can also be placed on the inner part of the secondary dressing.

Collagen Particle Dressing

Because collagen particles conform to the wound bed and fill in empty space, they are especially useful for large or uneven wound surfaces.

Collagen sheet dressings are made from freeze-dried collagen in a flat, flexible sheet. They are easy to apply and can be cut or even layered to fit the exact size of the wound. For wounds with minimal drainage, these dressings should be moistened with saline prior to application.

Collagen Sheet Dressing

When the collagen dressing comes into contact with wound drainage, it forms a protective gel over that absorbs fluid and debris while promoting a moist healing environment.

When to Use Collagen Dressings

Collagen dressings are safe, non-irritating, and extremely versatile. They’re appropriate for use on many types of wounds, including pressure ulcers, traumatic wounds, diabetic foot ulcers, and surgical and graft sites.

These advanced wound care dressings are especially useful for kick-starting the repair process in chronic, stalled, or non-healing wounds.

Collagen Dressing Indications

There are only a few types of wounds where collagen dressings may not be the right choice. Contraindications to topical collagen dressings include an allergy or sensitivity to bovine products, 3rd degree burns, and wounds with a large amount of dry, non-viable tissue (eschar).

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