Hydrogel Dressing 4×4 (12 ct.)


Hydrogel Dressing 4×4 (12 ct.)
NM1010HG | HCPCS: A6242

Hydrogel dressings are an ideal choice for scrapes, irritated skin, minor burns, and even skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

Our non-adherent, latex-free hydrogel sheets are made of a gel base that is 90% water – which allows them to deliver moisture to dry or slightly draining wounds.

In addition to hydrating the tissue, Hydrogel Dressings also produce a cooling, soothing sensation that can ease discomfort in painful wounds.


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What You Get:

  • One Box Of 12 Individually Wrapped Sterile 4″x4″ Hydrogel Dressings.


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Hydrogel Dressing 4×4 (12 ct.)
NM1010HG | HCPCS: A6242


Hydrogel Dressings reduce discomfort in painful wounds and are often used for burns as they have a cooling sensation on contact. Hydrogel sheets are often applied directly to sooth dry, burned, irritated, or scraped skin.

What is a Hydrogel Dressing?

Hydrogel dressings contain 90% water in a gel base, designed to donate moisture to the wound bed. These dressings are ideal for wounds that are dry or have minimal drainage.

Our non-adherent, latex-free Hydrogel Dressing Sheet is made up of flexible fibers that swell in response to the drainage level of the wound, adding or donating moisture as necessary to maintain an optimal healing environment.


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Hydrogel dressings can also be used to soften dry, devitalized tissue (eschar), assisting the body to remove it and make room for new, healthy tissue.

The high water content in hydrogel dressings creates a cooling sensation that reduces discomfort in painful wounds


Advantages of Hydrogel Dressings

  • promotes moist environment for natural healing (autolytic debridement)
  • hydrates and softens devitalized tissue
  • non-occlusive, allows gas exchange across surface of wound
  • non-adherent, resulting in less pain with removal
  • facilitates tissue repair and encourages formation of healthy granulation and epithelial tissue
  • analgesic, cooling effect to reduce discomfort and pain


How to Apply Hydrogel Dressings

  • Clean with wound cleanser or saline and pat dry
  • Cut Hydrogel Dressing sheet to fit the wound bed
  • Place Hydrogel Dressing directly on the wound surface
  • Cover & secure with adhesive dressing or wrap (i.e. Bordered Foam Dressing, Bordered Gauze Dressing)
  • Typical dressing change every 1-7 days, depending on amount of wound drainage


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When Should Hydrogel Dressings Be Used?

  • dry or slightly moist wounds
  • necrotic/nonviable tissue (soft, yellow slough and dry brown eschar)
  • partial or full thickness wounds
  • traumatic wounds such as skin tears, minor burns
  • abrasions and superficial lacerations
  • radiation skin damage
  • pressure ulcers
  • diabetic ulcers
  • surgical wounds and skin graft donor sites



Hydrogel Dressings may dry out if not covered with secondary dressing, and are not indicated for wounds with moderate/heavy drainage or severe (3rd degree) burns.

Our Hydrogel is Shipped Directly from Our FDA Certified Warehouse in the USA and Is An Excellent Choice For Use At Home Or in Skilled Nursing Facilities.


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